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How To Select A Collection Agency

How To Select A Collection Agency

Choosing a debt collection agency can be a difficult process, and requires a fair amount of research before a final decision can be made. Many factors should be considered, including the type of debt collection specialists you need, the fees they charge, the turnaround between when they collect and when you receive your money, etc. This infographic below can help you make this decision so that the agency your business hires will provide the best service possible to fit your specific needs.

Taking the Mystery out of Selecting a Collection Agency

When you are looking to hire a collection agency, we believe these are your key concerns:

  1. 1. How successful is the collections agency at collecting?
  2. 2. How quickly does the agency successfully collect?
  3. 3. How much does the collections agency charge for its services?
  4. 4. When will you get the money after the debt collection is made?
  5. 5. How will the agency report its progress to you?

With thousands of collections agencies in Malaysia, how to do you pick the right one? In this article, we’ll go step by step through all the things you should consider. We have a checklist you can download. If you fill out the Request A Quote Form on this page, we’ll send you our rates, and if we aren’t the right collection agency for you (since we only collect money owed by businesses and we specialize in larger claims), we’ll give you specific referrals to other agencies we trust based on your debt collection needs

Choosing A Professional Service Provider

When you are hiring an agency, it is like hiring any other professional service provider, such as a doctor or a lawyer. When we hire a doctor, we want to be sure the doctor is a specialist in the specific medical area of our health concern, has the qualifications required to treat us and has vast concern, has the qualifications required to treat us and has vast experience in the area of our concern. We also want the doctor to be a good fit with us personally in how he performs his job and in how he communicates with us about our problem.

Important? Doctor Lawyer Debt Collector
Specialized Yes! Yes! Yes!
Qualified Yes! Yes! Yes!
Experienced Yes! Yes! Yes!
How they Perform Yes! Yes! Yes!
How they Communicate Yes! Yes! Yes!

GK Soh Debt Recovery is a commercial collection agency with an 85% success rate on claims over RM10,000 against open businesses. While we only collect against businesses, this article is for anyone who needs a collection agency, and we can refer you other agencies if you fill out the Request A Quote form.

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